Bracknell Area Guide

Thanks to its proximity to London and a wealth of regeneration project reshaping this leafy Berkshire town, Bracknell has experienced a burst in population growth over the last decade and increased homebuyer demand.

Filled with world-renowned global brands including Honda, Dell, HP and Waitrose, Bracknell is attracting an influx of ambitious professionals looking for a ‘city lifestyle’ and affordability. Its expected Bracknell’s population will hit 141,000 by 2039 – an increase of over 1,000 people a year over the next 20.

With £770 million of regeneration transforming Bracknell’s amenities, this town remains a cornerstone of the UK tech economy – a sector growing at double the rate of the wider economy. This, paired with an abundance of green spaces, drinking and dining opportunities and great employment opportunities means Bracknell is a great place for those looking into  buying property.

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Key Stats for Bracknell

What should homebuyers be excited about? 

Over 100+ 

retailers, bars and restaurants in The Lexicon

Top Destination

for London movers seeking affordability

UK Tech Hub

Local economy growing 2x faster than UK economy

Bracknell Property Price Forecast 2024

Demand for Bracknell property is on the rise, as homebuyers move away from the capital searching for affordability and growth potential. With the South East expected to be a prominent force in the market this year, Bracknell will benefit from rising growth.

Here is your Bracknell property market forecast for 2024.

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Best Places to Buy Property Near London

The London property market still remains inaccessible for many people. As more and more homebuyers look to the South East, where prices are more affordable and space is more abundant, we’re examining the best places to buy property near London.

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Increasing Homebuyer Confidence in the South East

As the property market stabilises and buyer activity increases, we take a look at what is contributing to this uptick in confidence and what areas on the UK are the most attractive for homebuyers.

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Bracknell’s Thriving Community

Originally a small market town, Bracknell has long been known for its tight-knit community and a strong sense of togetherness. The community spirit is one of many appealing aspects of the town that has attracted more demand for property in Bracknell. Find out more here.

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