Why Invest in Property in Bracknell 2022?

Over the past 12 months, the commuter belt has been growing. As more tenants and homeowners have looked for greener prospects outside the capital, commuter towns, such as Bracknell and Slough, have been on the rise. As well as having easy access to London, it’s a thriving town in its own right, but why should you invest in Bracknell in 2022?

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Why Choose Property in Bracknell?  

Why Choose Property in Bracknell

Location is often the key to a successful Buy-to-Let investment, with emerging locations typically offering the most potential for more lucrative returns. Bracknell is a prime example of an emerging location – it is in the midst of its biggest regeneration to date, which will transform the town and bring with it a wealth of new opportunities.

As more employers join the likes of HP, Dell and Vodafone, the city is set to see an influx in employments opportunities, which in turn, will see the demand for property soar. Not only has the average property price increased by over 15% in the past 10 years, but by 2025, the property prices could see increases of up to 19.1% along with 8% growth in rents.

Why Invest in Bracknell: Employment Opportunities

Why invest in bracknell

While Bracknell’s exciting future is set to bring a wealth of new jobs to the town, it already boasts an impressive portfolio of companies. With the largest tech cluster outside of London, this industry alone delivers over 40,000 jobs to the local market and contributes around £10 billion to the wider economy. 

As well as housing the likes of HP, Dell and Fujitsu, Bracknell’s wider employment base also significantly contributes to the town’s local economy. Across the entire landscape, there are over 5,400 businesses, many of which have emerged from Bracknell’s ongoing regeneration schemes. 

That said, 52.7% of those who are employed in the town are in senior positions, further highlighting the employment opportunities within Bracknell. Paired with an average salary of £34,790, Bracknell’s is not only outpacing the majority of the UK, but when compared against its affordable living prices, its growing popularity amongst London leavers is no surprise.

Why Invest in Bracknell: Regeneration Schemes

Why invest in bracknell

For investors looking for a property goldmine, regeneration schemes are crucial. Regeneration schemes signify many things, including the future of a local area, as well the potential of both its property market and economy. 

Bracknell is in the midst of its biggest regeneration project to date, with the Bracknell Town Centre Vision 2032 already transforming areas of the town. The ambitious scheme totals around £770 million and aims to raise the profile of Bracknell by strengthening its retail centre, delivering new cultural activities and curating unique spaces for high quality offices. 

Not only will the regeneration of Bracknell transform it into a vibrant and contemporary town, but it will continue to draw more international businesses to Bracknell. By showcasing Bracknell as a hub of amenities and employment opportunities, the population will soar, and in turn, the demand for property will rise.

Why Invest in Bracknell: Property Prices

Why invest in property in Bracknell

Property prices in the South East are on an upward trajectory, fuelled by thriving towns such as Bracknell and Slough. The region as a whole has benefitted extensively from the ‘London exodus’ and with the increasing permanency of flexible working, this momentum is expected to continue well into 2022 and beyond.

According to Savills, house price growth across the South East is expected to reach 19.1% by 2025, signifying the potential of the region, and more specifically, Bracknell. 

As more people continue to look to the South East, subsequent rises in the rental market are inevitable. Along with this growth in prices, rents across the region could see an 8% increase in the next four years, with the potential to offer investors the opportunity for both competitive rents and promising capital growth. 

Why Invest in Bracknell: Transport Links

Why invest in Bracknell

Bracknell is a prime example of an outer commuter town, not only does it have transport links across the UK, but it offers regular trains to the capital in just 49 minutes. For many years this has made Bracknell a hotspot amongst commuters, especially with its affordable property market. 

As well as offering the residents of Bracknell an easy commute to the capital, this accessibility also benefits those living in London. With the town’s growing employment base, London residents can also consider expanding their job searches to the South East and have more variety when looking for new opportunities.

Transport links have always been – and probably always will be – a priority for tenants, especially after the past 18 months. The rise of flexible working has seen many Londoners swap the capital for greener prospects across the South East, with this connectivity making it possible to have the best of both worlds – easy access to the capital for commuting and a healthier work/life balance.

Bracknell Property Investment FAQs

Where is Bracknell in the UK? Plus Icon

Bracknell is a large town in the county of Berkshire, located in the heart of the South East. The town is a prime spot along the ‘Outer Commuter Belt’ and is just 37 miles from the capital, equating to a short 49-minute commute by train.

Neighbouring towns, such as Reading and Windsor, are under 25 minutes by road with the accessibility of the M4. As well as local amenities, Bracknell also benefits from being 20 minutes (by road) from Windsor Castle and just 9 minutes from Ascot Racecourse (by road).

What is ‘Bracknell Town Centre 2032?’ Plus Icon

Bracknell Town Centre 2032 is the biggest transformation scheme Bracknell has seen in over a decade, and aims to create a vibrant and diverse town centre. The ambitious scheme totals over £770 million and will see the addition of new cultural quarters, retail hotspots and contemporary living.

While Bracknell has already welcomed the iconic Lexicon – a £240 million retail and food outlet – and new public spaces, the best is yet to come. Over the years, transport links around the town centre will be strengthened with a new street network and increased pedestrian access, along with the completion of The Deck. This ongoing project will eventually make Bracknell an inter-connected, accessible town with exclusive amenities to meet the demands of an evolving population.

As this expansive regeneration project catalyses more inward investment, Bracknell will not only become a hub of London leavers, but it will become an investment hotspot. With the town’s exciting future stimulating 14.5% growth during build for The Grand Exchange, more investors will naturally look to Bracknell for Buy-to-Let property.

Is Bracknell a good place to invest in property? Plus Icon

While London has long been a common hotspot for Buy-to-Let investors, the rise of the South East is making commuter towns, such as Bracknell, more lucrative investment locations.

In comparison to the capital, property prices across Bracknell are relatively affordable – £377,945 vs. £648,942.

That said, the town’s ongoing regeneration schemes are set to boost property prices in the coming years. According to Savills, prices could see up to 19.1% growth by 2025, which for investors would equate to significant capital growth.

What is Bracknell’s rental market like? Plus Icon

With relatively affordable property prices and above-average rents, Bracknell continues to benefit from competitive rental yields.

Rents average around £1,956 per calendar month in Bracknell, with an impressive rental yield of 5.48%, which far surpasses the UK average of 3.63%.

The demand from London leavers has been a driving force behind the population growth across the South East and the demand for property in Bracknell. Not only are London leavers now expanding their property search radiuses to 40 miles outside the capital, but almost 74,000 of this demographic moved out of London during 2020 – many of whom looked to the South East.

With the investment that is being poured into Bracknell, combined with the continued rise in the population, rents are expected to increase by up to 8% by 2025, making for a prime investment hotspot.

Find out more about our exclusive Bracknell development – The Grand Exchange

  • Off-Plan development
  • 8% increase expected in rents by 2025
  • Forecasting 14.5% growth during build (Savills)
  • 49 minutes to central London
  • Forecasted completion 2023
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