Purchasing your Property through a Limited Company

Our Incorporation Experts will guide you through buying your property through a limited company and help you choose the best solution to meet your needs.

Limited Companies for Property Investors

Providing you with ongoing advice and support with your property purchase.

The benefits of using a company to purchase UK buy-to-let property include tax efficiencies, limited personal liability, easily buy and sell with others, improved inheritance planning and well-developed mortgage markets.

Property Tax is an important factor to consider when you make a purchase. As part of our commitment to provide a complete service, you can work with incorporation experts to help you purchase in the most efficient way possible. If you’d like any further information on a particular subject of incorporation or you’re in need of long-term advisory services, please contact your Property Consultant or our Customer Care team.

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Our recommended Specialists

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Chris Frame

GetGround specialise in setting up and running UK Limited companies to purchase UK buy-to-let properties. All our companies have high-quality legal documents, are designed to be tax-efficient and work with mortgage lenders.

Service includes:
– Setting up a UK limited company for our customers
– Providing a company bank account
– Coordinating with our customer’s lawyers to purchase their property into their company
– Doing everything required to run their company (including accounting, tax filing, legal documents, secretarial work and registered office)