Derby Property Investment in 2021

Discover property for sale in Derbyshire – one of the UK’s top up-and-coming investment hotspots forecasting 24% price growth over the next four years.

Why Choose Derby Property Investment?

Over the last decade, Derby has established itself as one of the top up-and-coming UK investment destinations. A Derby property investment represents the chance to take advantage of one of the UK’s fastest growing regional economies and incredible local rental demand boosted by multiple major regeneration projects.

Derby Property Investment Overview:

Population: 257,302
Average Weekly Wage: £583 (UK average: £489)
Derby City Centre Masterplan: Investment worth £3.5 billion
Property Price Increases since 2010: 39% or £67,011
Average Rental Yield: 4.8% – 5%

Why Invest in Derby?

Derby Property Price Forecast 2022

The Derby property forecast for 2022 is highlighting the city as a prime location for investors that want affordable property with a bright future.

As one of the major East Midlands cities, Derbyshire properties will benefit from the fast rising economy across the entire region.

Savills believe that property for sale in Derbyshire could see prices rise by 24% by 2025, supported by affordable property prices and massive rental demand.

Despite this above-average forecast, property for sale in Derby has already risen in price by 172% over the last 20 years, highlighting just how much potential a Derby property investment holds.

Derby Property Forecast

Brand new to Bracknell

No.1 Thames Valley
1 Bedroom Apartments, Fully Tenanted, New Build

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Crossrails Premier Development

The Metalworks
2 Bedroom Apartments, 3 Bedroom Apartments, Off-Plan

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Final Off-Plan Units

The Grand Exchange
1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, Luxury Penthouses, Off-Plan, Studios

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105 Broad Street
Birmingham City Centre
2 Bedroom Apartments, Fully Tenanted, New Build

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Steel House
1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, Off-Plan

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Iron House
1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments

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Derby Rental Yields

As one of the country’s best Buy-to-Let investment destinations, Derbyshire properties are demonstrating rental yields between 4.8% and 5% on average, outperforming both the national average and London yields, which average around 3% in the current market.

Despite demand hitting unprecedented levels, Derbyshire properties still remain one of the most affordable assets in the market, which in turn is supporting these above-average rental yields.

Thanks to its position as the ‘centre of the UK’, Derby has access to 2.1 million people within 45 minutes – a key driver of the 20% population growth that is expected over the next 15 years.

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New Developments in Derby

Derby currently has an impressive redevelopment pipeline, directed by the 2030 City Centre Masterplan that is driving investment into the city and helping boost prices of Derby property for sale.

From the Silk Mill renovation to the Castleward Urban Village and Assembly Rooms, a number of incredible projects are coinciding with improvements to housing, infrastructure and lifestyle, creating a truly exciting place to live.

One of the largest of these is The Nightingale Quarter – a landmark residential development located on the site of the former Derbyshire Royal Infirmary Hospital.

Read more about the latest developments in Derby city centre and how they will impact Derby property investment.

Explore Derby New Developments

Invest in Derbyshire Properties

Exceptional Price Rises

Property prices set to grow by 24% by 2025

Derby City Centre Masterplan 2030

A long-term vision for Derby investment leveraging £3.5 billion

Quality Past Performance

Property prices increased by 172% since 2001

Should You Invest in East Midlands Property?

When London property started declining in 2016, it allowed new regional cores to rise to the forefront.

The East Midlands is one of these regions. With one of the fastest-growing economies in the UK and Savills forecasting growth of 24% by 2025, it’s an area that is quickly becoming a true Buy-to-Let investment destination.

With this in mind, the future potential of East Midlands cities such as Derby and Nottingham is making them exceptional for long-term investment. Thanks to generally affordable prices right now, Derbyshire properties are steadily growing in value while attracting rising demand.

This also means that in the short-term, they’re delivering strong rental yields. Both of these factors are incredibly attractive for investors and contributing to the region’s unprecedented investment while also making Derby property for sale a premium asset for maximising returns.

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