Does Size Matter?  

What tenants want in the modern rental market

The old cliche in property is ‘location, location, location’. But how much difference does the size of the property make? Will 2-bedrooms in a property find more success than 1-bedroom? Find out in our free ‘Does Size Matter’ guide.

Does Size Matter?
Key Stats

Average rental yield for a 2-bedroom property.

Average capital growth that an apartment experiences.

make up the largest proportion of private renters.

What’s in this Guide?

The UK property market is diverse with a huge variety of potential locations and investment assets that can be utilised. There’s typically an investment out there to suit everyone, depending on your individual strategies and end-goals.

In this guide you will find:

  • An overview of property types in the UK
  • How property size can affect rental yields and capital growth
  • Research into what tenants want in the UK market
  • Tenant demand hotspots
  • A wider outlook of the UK market performance

What Do Tenants Want?

We’ve established that Generation Rent is on the rise but what about specific tenant demographic requirements? What is more attractive to a young professional for example? First and foremost it’s important to remember that tenants are increasingly prioritising space and they’re willing to pay extra for it. According to Homes and Property, larger apartments are more likely to attract tenants despite rents being higher.

Also consider the two most common tenant demographics choosing 2-bed apartments – professional sharers and couples. According to the English Private Landlord Survey, couples aged 25 – 49 make up the largest proportion of private renters, demonstrating the appetite for quality 2-bed apartments. With half of these couples expecting to still be renting in three years time, this isn’t a short-term phase either. Many tenants are now looking to play the long-game and rent indefinitely

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