What’s in this Guide?

In the ‘Investing near London’ guide, you’ll find:

Are Investors Leaving London? – We examine the ‘London Exodus’ and why people are choosing to invest around the capital rather than in it.

Best Buy-to-Let Locations near London – Where are the best places for investing near London in 2021 and beyond?

Will Crossrail Impact Investments in the South East? – Crossrail is set to revolutionise the South East but how could it take your investment to the next level?

Has the Commuter Belt Expanded? – As one of the most exciting investment locations in the South, we break down how the expanding commuter belt has brought new locales into focus.

Investing Near London?

There can be no denying that 2021 has been a complex year so far. Despite forecasts suggesting various external factors would impact the market negatively, government support and the easing of social distancing guidelines are driving prices higher and higher.

Now, with low interest rates expected to continue, the capacity for further growth across the region remains high. For investors that want to eschew the traditional London market for a more affordable South East location with higher growth potential, there’s never been a better time to consider investing near London.