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It’s Time to Invest – Investing for Retirement

Blog Header Disclaimer: ‘It’s Time to Invest – Investing for Retirement’ is taken from our new guide, Time to Invest, which explores the importance of retirement planning and the power investment can have in creating a comfortable ‘retirement pot’. Download it today

While pension pots are a tangible way to achieve your financial freedom, many investment assets can often provide more promising returns, and on a shorter time scale. That said, all investment avenues are different, with a wealth of aspects to consider before beginning your journey to financial freedom. 

Having now established your retirement number, you may be wondering, ‘but where should I invest my money?’. Choosing the right investment asset for you is one of the most important factors to achieving your goal, whether that be financial freedom or a diverse portfolio. With this in mind, it is necessary to segregate the most desirable investments from the actual assets investors choose. While classic cars and luxury goods are desirable investments, property remains a prominent asset across both categories. Surpassing gold, stocks and cryptocurrency, property is perceived to be a reliable investment asset amongst the majority of investors. 

Although investment ISAs are still rivalling property as the top investment asset, property can offer flexible opportunities that make it a more suitable investment for many people. If you’re investing for both yours and your partner’s future, investment ISAs can’t offer joint accounts for you both to contribute to and capitalise on. This single-person limit coincides with the contribution cap of cash ISAs, with a maximum of £20,000 per tax year limiting the return on your investments. 

With the ability to purchase property in multiple names, plus the healthy rental yields currently being seen across the UK, Buy-to-Let property investment addresses these restrictions. Rental yields are one of the most important metrics to consider when investing in Buy-to-Let property and a common way to secure your financial freedom. As a measurement that anticipates the rates you’ll receive when the monthly rent is measured against the overall value of the property, this metric varies across the UK, but is averaging 3.53% for 2021. 

The freedom of choosing between different locations and subsequently, different rental yields, is one of the benefits of property investment – you can compare your capital with property prices and rental yields to estimate the growth of your retirement fund. Against alternative assets, such as cryptocurrency and gold, property is also recognised as a relatively dependable investment. The option of having a well-balanced portfolio with different property types can help build diversification, reducing the impact of external market factors and ultimately, minimising the risk of your investment. 

Above all, the reputation of property investment stems from the market’s past performance. The average house price has been climbing for the past 10 years (bar momentary dips), growing from just £168,218 in 2011 to over £325,000 – even during challenges such as Brexit and a global pandemic. While other assets were crashing, the property market thrived during multiple national lockdowns and stringent local restrictions, offering investors the reassurance that property has the ability to adapt and diversify. 

As well as strengthening its reputation, this performance provides the reassurance that property can offer both strong rates of return and the durability to sustain turbulent times. These are arguably, two of the most important components to achieving financial freedom, and while everyone’s journey is different, these characteristics continue to make property a popular retirement investment choice when compared to alternative assets. 

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From establishing your retirement number, to exploring your investment options, start your journey to financial freedom with Time to Invest.

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