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It’s Time to Invest – Are You Retirement Ready?

Blog Header Disclaimer: ‘It’s Time to Invest – Are You Retirement Ready?’ is taken from our new guide, Time to Invest, which explores the importance of retirement planning and the power investment can have in creating a comfortable ‘retirement pot’. Download it today

In our day-to-day working life, our numerous goals and achievements all build towards one greater milestone – achieving retirement. Whether you’re actively planning every time payday comes around – or simply contribute a proportion of your wages each month – it’s something we’re all working towards. While in the past it was as simple as making monthly contributions to your pension pot, as the standard of living has increased and the value of pensions have dropped, it’s not that simple any more.   

So what does retirement look like to you? No more Monday blues or tedious commutes, just the bliss of slow mornings and peaceful afternoons? Whether you plan on indulging in active afternoons playing golf, or intend to finally tackle your reading list, the autonomy to live by your own schedule is often a dream that can’t come quick enough. Above all, retirement signifies the beginning of financial freedom. 

But for many of us, it’s not. The retirement age is a milestone that continues to climb and slip through our fingertips. While 65 remained the target for several years, the retirement age is gradually increasing, and is set to reach 68 by 2028. For most of us, the thought of being just halfway through our working lives should be enough to make retirement investment look much more appealing, in an attempt to make retirement arrive that much sooner. With several investment assets offering a passive income and promising rates of return, the dream of a comfortable retirement is much more attainable.

While statistics have shown that retirement finances are a prominent concern amongst over half of the working population, more often than not, these worries do not materialise into additional investments. When asked ‘what do you invest in?’, 41.3% of respondents admitted to having zero assets, despite the desire to invest and reach their financial goals further down the line. 

Everyone’s journey to retirement is different, and while there are expectations surrounding how you get there, choosing the right path for you is essential. With the retirement age climbing and financial freedom being a second thought for many of us, it is never too early (or late) to consider your options. Being prepared and well informed is the first step to achieving financial freedom, with our next piece discussing investing for retirement and more importantly, how to work out your retirement number.

Want to know more about retirement investing?

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