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It’s Time to Invest – There’s No Time Like the Present

‘It’s Time to Invest – There’s No Time Like the Present’ is taken from our new guide, Time to Invest, which explores the importance of retirement planning and the power investment can have in creating a comfortable ‘retirement pot’. Download it today

Planning for retirement is, arguably, one of the biggest parts of your journey to financial freedom. When it comes to retirement finances, property investment offers a variety of possibilities. Having established your retirement number and explored different investment opportunities, there’s only one thing left to do. 

With every day bringing retirement one step closer, the ultimatum grows increasingly more pressing – will you get by on your state pension, or, invest wisely and enjoy the retirement you deserve? 

There’s no time like the present. 

Investing your hard-earned money can be a daunting prospect, but the performance of the property market over the past 12 months continues to emphasise its resilience as an investment asset. In the midst of a global pandemic, the property market not only survived, but it made history with a record breaking 7.3% increase in house prices. On the other hand, the low interest rate and rising inflation rates did not have the same effect on investment ISAs. 

With 2021 forecasting the possibility of negative interest rates, alongside climbing property prices, which investment asset will you choose? Post-Brexit confidence is expected to propel the property market for the foreseeable future, while the low supply of new build houses is expected to maintain the combination of shallow supply and high demand. The average UK house price has already reached an all-time high of over £325k, but with the positivity of the 2021 forecast, it could continue rising. 

The rental market is also undergoing significant growth, with changing perspectives towards renting catalysing a 3% increase in the market and driving the average UK rental yield to 3.53%. However, many UK hotspots are surpassing the average rental yield, such as Birmingham (5.5%) and the East Midlands (3.80%). Subsequently, the possibilities surrounding Buy-to-Let property investments in Birmingham and the wider Midlands in 2021 are endless, offering the opportunity to enter the market while it’s in an upward trajectory to maximise your retirement fund and secure financial freedom.  

Everybody has their own reasons for investing, but if you’re part of the 60% that intends on investing in their future, having a clear plan with trusted partners is essential. Evaluating your objectives against your timeframe and finances is the first step to achieving your goals, in order to choose the right investment for you, whether that be ISAs, cryptocurrency or property. But if you’re searching for a reliable investment with promising rates of return, property investment definitely offers some food for thought. 

Want to know more about retirement investing?

From establishing your retirement number, to exploring your investment options, start your journey to financial freedom with Time to Invest.

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