New Apartments For Sale in the UK

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Want to find your next property investment? Take a look at our newly built and off-plan properties today, all chosen for their incredible potential as an investment in emerging locations across the country.

Why Invest in Apartments?


When it comes to choosing your ideal property type, investors will typically choose between houses and apartments. While houses are popular for a number of reasons, apartments tend to have unique benefits that suit Buy-to-Let investment:

Firstly, apartments are more desirable in city-centres close to amenities and workplaces, which often ensures long-term consistent demand. If you invest in a city-centre apartment, you’re typically more likely to avoid void periods as they’ll always be new waves of professional tenants.

Apartments also generally represent a more affordable, flexible entry point into the property market. Quality apartments are usually less expensive than similar sized houses, meaning over the long-term more properties can be bought as part of a portfolio. This asset type is also usually more flexible as a living space – since all of the rooms are one level. Bedrooms can easily be converted, while open-plan layouts create a more spacious, contemporary feel.

Why Invest in Off-Plan Property?


Buying off-plan property brings with it a number of unique advantages, many of which can help with building secure, reliable capital growth. As demand for quality accommodation rapidly grows and prices increase, many investors are taking advantage of purchasing off-plan property as it has the potential to rise in value during build.

Off-plan property also offers buyers the flexibility of buying their preferred unit. If you’re happy with the location and developer, you usually have the choice of specific location, features, rooms and much more. Furniture packages are also available for those looking to quickly kit out their home hassle free.

Finally, off-plan properties always result in a new product, guaranteeing a contemporary build which benefits from modern features such as energy efficiency, environmentally-friendly specifications and other requirements that new builds have to apply to. This generally leads to cheaper bills for tenants and potentially higher rental prices.