Why Invest in a 1-Bed Apartment in Bracknell?


Whether you’re a new, or seasoned investor, you’ll know that location and property type are key contributors to the success of a Buy-to-Let property investment. With the ability to drive tenant demand and minimise the risk of void periods, deciding between a studio, 1- or 2-bed apartment is paramount. 

Although every property type has its strengths and drawbacks, 1-bed apartments are becoming more popular amongst Bracknell residents. This thriving town houses the largest tech cluster outside of London, and with the demographic of young professionals growing,  a 1-bedroom Buy-to-Let property investment has the potential to become a lucrative market.

As the town’s regeneration projects bring more employment opportunities to Bracknell, modern tenants will be searching for affordable – yet premium – apartments in the centre of the town.

Rental Yields


Studio and 1-bed apartments are often a popular choice amongst those looking to invest in Buy-to-Let property, with more affordable entry prices when compared to 2-bed apartments and penthouses. However, in emerging areas such as Bracknell, 1-bed apartments still provide exceptional capital appreciation and strong rental yields.

While the average rental yield in Bracknell is currently sitting at 3.98% – surpassing the UK average of 3.53% – 1-bed apartments are reaching 4.16%. With 1-bed houses averaging a rental yield of just 3.15%, this highlights both the importance of exploring your options and the potential of Buy-to-Let property investment opportunities in Bracknell. 

Not only do 1-bed apartments offer more competitive rental yields, but this property type also provides more accessible prices than houses. Averaging £205,500, 1-bed apartments in Bracknell are more affordable than the average £211,200 1-bed house.

Future Growth


Over the past year, the South-East property market has been in an upward trajectory. The shift in tenant priorities, combined with the accessibility of Bracknell, catalysed a 10.6% increase in rents across the region. 

However, the town’s biggest growth is yet to come. Bracknell is in the midst of its biggest transformation to date, with new amenities, public realms and residential quarters set to enhance the town and in turn, entice more people to invest in Buy-to-Let property in the area.

From 17.5% growth in property prices, and up to an 8% increase in the average rent by 2025, 1-bed apartments in Bracknell are set to become key Buy-to-Let property investment assets.

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