Why invest in a new 2-bed apartment in Bracknell?


2-bed apartments are one of the most popular property investment assets in the world – always in strong demand due to the space and flexibility they can provide. In a market where tenants are always looking for more space, developers have increasingly prioritised 2-bed units in developments, designed to attract young professionals and couples moving to these prime investment locations.

Bracknell is a relatively up-and-coming market that is buoyed by a historically strong UK tech foundation. As one of the cornerstones of the ‘UK Silicon Valley’, it can deliver world-class employment opportunities in the technology sector from the likes of Dell, HP and Honda as well as unprecedented accessibility to the capital.

A quality product attracts a quality tenant and 2-bed apartments in Bracknell are a staple of this ‘quality’ concept. Ideally suited to delivering long-term, consistent yields, a 2-bed apartment in an emerging market such as Bracknell can offer affordability and huge potential, especially if it has surrounding amenities for residents.

Generational Tenant Demand

The rise of ‘Generation Rent’ continues, with renters expected to outnumber homeowners by 2039. Tenants want to maximise space and affordability without giving up living in the heart of the action – whether it’s a prime city-centre location or just a short commute. It’s this flexibility that is a key contributor to increased demand. Tenants don’t mind paying more either – according to Homes and Property – 2-bedroom properties are more likely to attract tenants despite rents being higher.

Bracknell is one of these prime locations. With a population set to increase to 141,000 by 2039, it’s facing the same housing undersupply that is plaguing the wider market with only 6,000 new homes built in the last 18 years. This demand isn’t just driven by employment opportunities. Bracknell has world-class links with top destinations in the South East. Reading is 22 minutes away and offers 500,000 jobs, while London Paddington and Heathrow Airport can both be accessed in under an hour. Bracknell is incredibly well-connected and a key commuter destination in the region.

Also consider the two most common tenant demographics choosing 2 bed apartments in Bracknell – professional sharers and couples. According to the English Private Landlord Survey, couples aged 25 – 49 make up the largest proportion of private renters, demonstrating the appetite for quality 2-bed apartments. With half of these couples expecting to still be renting in three years time, this isn’t a short-term phase either. Many tenants are now looking to play the long-game and rent indefinitely.

Property Performance in Bracknell

In research by Zoopla, 2-bedroom apartments are recognised as the optimal property for maximising rental yields with an average yield of 5.40%. 2-bedroom apartments beat all of the competition, leading the next asset type by nearly 0.50% and racing ahead of 2-bedroom houses which earn on average 4.80%.

For investors, it’s easy to see that the ideal Buy-to-Let property is a 2-bedroom apartment in a premium location – providing a new generation of renters with a spacious home surrounded by everything they’d need in day-to-day life. Bracknell is one of these prime locations and properties in the town have witnessed 17% growth over the past five years. The average rental yield of a 2-bed apartment in Bracknell is 4.6% – exactly the same as a 1-bed apartment – a clear opportunity to get more for your money.

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