Why Invest in Penthouse Apartments in Bracknell?

Penthouses have a history of being associated with luxury. Often representing the best of the best in a development, offering incredible views and elegance that is a rarity in todays market. Whether you’re an investor or a resident, penthouses will typically be at the top of any wish-list for both quality and demand.

The potential returns from a penthouse grow alongside the popularity of the location.  With demand for Bracknell property is on the rise as a £770 million regeneration project sweeps through the town, while world-class career opportunities and global technology brands attract professionals looking to the South.

Property Growth

Research has shown that outdoor areas with panoramic views, plenty of space and a concierge are all top priorities for the modern tenant. This makes penthouse apartments a premium product in the market, able to deliver premium yields and take advantage of higher demand.

Because of their potential for capital growth and limited supply, penthouses tend to rise in value much more quickly than a ‘standard’ apartment. Bracknell property in particular has seen growth of nearly 249% over the last 20 years, highlighting the potential that a Bracknell penthouse could offer an investor.

Rental Yields for Bracknell Penthouses

A premium apartment and a premium lifestyle typically result in a premium price. Although penthouse apartments can have higher purchase prices, there is also more potential for a bigger rental income and better rental yields.

Larger apartments typically sit between 3% and 4% rental yields, while the added luxuries of penthouses make them prime investment properties in Bracknell. At the same time, the potential for capital growth in the long-term can be much higher, with penthouses typically selling for 5-10% more than alternative apartments.

If you’re considering a secure Buy-to-Let property in Bracknell, the added luxuries of penthouse apartments make these assets less vulnerable to market volatility.

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