Why invest in new Penthouses in Bracknell?

Penthouses have long represented the pinnacle of any residential development, providing sweeping views and the feeling of luxury that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you’re an investor or a tenant, there’s no denying that penthouses are at the top of everyone’s wish-list.

As city centre living grows in popularity, so does the potential of a penthouse apartment in prime locations. Investing in an apartment with plenty of space and amenities in a thriving location can quickly become a lucrative investment, especially if the chosen location is in an up-and-coming destination.

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Generational Tenant Demand

The Private Rented Sector is continuing to grow in 2019, forecast to make up 25% of the total housing market in the near future. The rise of ‘Generation Rent’ means more tenants are choosing to rent ‘permanently’, enjoying the flexibility provided by a  rental property.

For investors, that means an affordable property in a prime location will always be in demand, reducing the potential for void periods and ensuring a steady stream of rental income. The key priorities of ‘Generation Rent’ is to maximise space in an affordable area that is encouraging the growth of amenities.

Because of its positioning as region, penthouse apartments in Bracknell will be highly competitive, providing a huge amount of space while being surrounded by excellent amenities. Regional cores are much more affordable than the capital, attracting more potential tenants that want quality city living without the cost.

While the initial investment may be higher, penthouses are highly-exclusive and sought after. Penthouse sales broke records across the world over the last two years as the trend for upscale, city-centre living continued to grow and for tenants, the opportunity to live in a penthouse offers a number of benefits which can not be found living in a non-penthouse style apartment.

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Rental Yields

From outdoor areas with panoramic views to a spacious, neighbour-free lifestyle, there are plenty of positives to living in or owning a penthouse investment property. They offer the opportunity for higher yields through premium rent and higher demand. Rightmove research found that within Birmingham penthouse rental yields were 6.2% on average, higher than the UK average of 5.4% delivered by 2-bedroom apartments.

Penthouses also offer incredible potential for capital growth thanks to their status as a prime property unit. They often appreciate in value much more quickly than a standard non-penthouse apartment. Thanks to incredible growth over the last 20 years, penthouse apartments in Bracknell have incredible potential to deliver broad future growth.

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