Why Invest in a Studio Apartment in Bracknell?


Studio apartments can often be perceived as a prime Buy-to-Let property investment for those starting their portfolios, with these spaces providing many advantages that 1- and 2-bed apartments lack. Typically, studio apartments are considerably more affordable than other Buy-to-Let properties, giving investors a strong base to expand upon.

While they offer increasing affordability, the potential returns of studio apartments are not bounded by this. Buy-to-Let property investment depends largely on location, with emerging areas having the ability to boost your asset even further.

Bracknell is renowned for its connectivity to the capital, but as the town undergoes significant regeneration projects, adding this Buy-to-Let property investment to your portfolio will allow for bigger growth in the years to come.

Tenant Demand


UK property prices are in an upward trajectory, highlighting many advantages of Buy-to-Let property investing. As these prices continue to grow however, it’s making the property ladder less accessible to first-time buyers. 

Generation Rent is no longer restricted to young professionals, with families, couples and single occupants of all ages now more prevalent in the rental market. This increasing demand is making more investors reconsider their financial goals and portfolios, in order to invest in Buy-to-Let property and take advantage of growing demand.

Bracknell’s transport links to London and across Berkshire have made the town a hotspot amongst transient tenants. As more businesses relocate to the South-East, more young professionals are expected to make the move to Bracknell, making studio apartments a prime Buy-to-Let property investment.

Rental Yields


Rental yields are a key metric of Buy-to-Let property investing, with studio apartments offering competitive rental yields when compared to 1- and 2-bed properties. Surpassing bigger apartments by 1-2%, studios have one of the strongest rental yields at around 6%.

For those looking to invest in Buy-to-Let property in Bracknell, the future growth of the town will continue driving the rental market. What could see rental prices grow 8% by 2025, the best is yet to come. 

When considering the affordability and tenant demand surrounding studio apartments, combined with Bracknell’s future growth, this property type is set to become a potentially lucrative Buy-to-Let property investment.

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