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With competition for the best schools, colleges and universities tougher than ever and the average cost of putting a child through education soaring to eye-watering levels, it’s unsurprising UK and international investors are increasingly turning to property to help provide their kids with the best start in life.

Whether it’s funding for private school, tutors or university fees, we’re seeing many investors using their portfolios to fund their children’s education. And with good reason – latest estimates show the cost of raising a child from birth to age 21 in the UK to be more than £230,000, over £74,000 of which is spent on education and related expenses alone, notwithstanding higher education or university fees.

For many investors, the key to delivering maximum returns to fund education expenses is getting in on the search and selection process as early as possible. In reality, that now means securing properties when their children are very young. Typically, the most desirable properties on the educational investors’ radar are at the modest end of the scale, reflecting the longer-term trend towards compact, city living, with studio and one bedroom units that will appeal to a broad range of younger tenants particularly highly sought after.

It’s an especially popular option for overseas investors with one eye on their children’s further education. British universities are held in particularly high regard across Asia and the Middle East and properties in major cities like Birmingham where there are a number of top institutions on the doorstep make a compelling, ready-made long term investment option as well as a desirable living space during studies. What’s more, seeking out locations where demand for city centre living continues to outstrip property supply (as is the case in Birmingham) gives investors further confidence they are making a sound investment for the long term.

As with any potential property investment, all the usual buying best practice guidance applies but for those investors envisaging their offspring living in an investment property while completing their studies at any stage, proximity to prominent educational establishments and excellent transport links is naturally highly prized and can attract a premium accordingly.

As thousands of children prepare to restart their studies this September, we fully expect investors to follow suit and continue taking their operations back to school for the foreseeable future.

Looking for property investment opportunities to support your children through their education? Get in touch with one of our consultants for more information.


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