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The Scary Facts Behind Expats and Retirement

For expats living in Dubai, life can certainly provide countless advantages. Whether its soaking up the endless sun, a few rounds of golf before work or our limited tax obligations – it can certainly be easy to enjoy the present and put the thought of retirement to one side. However, a recent study by SevenCapital indicates a much more alarming scenario for people and their financial well-being. Here we look into how expats are planning for Retirement

In July 2018, SevenCapital surveyed over 1,200 people across the UK to understand their financial futures and an astounding 42% have no investments. Even more alarming are the figures of those aged between 45 – 55 with over 50% citing that they do not have any investments at all.

Throughout my years working in the Middle East, I can attest that the majority of expats I have come across do not have any structured plans in place for their retirement, nor do they understand how this is achievable through property investment. As a leading UK developer, this research has been the inspiration behind SevenCapital’s event series, designed to help expats understand and solve this challenge, “How to Retire through Property”.

Why Choose Property?

According to independent research conducted by CensusWide, the number one thing people want to invest their money in is property (40.3%). Bricks and mortar have always proven to be the safest investment option and one that ensures a long-term stability of any investment portfolio. Also, due to investment from the UK government and city councils towards infrastructure and improved transport links – new marketplaces have emerged offering investors an opportunity to get a foothold on the UK property ladder at a much lower price. But if this is the case – why haven’t the majority of expats started to invest in property?

What Are The Biggest Property Obstacles for Expats?

I believe the biggest obstacle for most expats is the fact that they don’t understand how achievable it is to set up a UK buy-to-let investment portfolio. The biggest misconception among expats is that they cannot achieve a buy-to-let mortgage from abroad. For this reason, our event on July 31st will be co-hosted by Enness, specialist mortgage advisors who are dedicated to assisting expats to secure finance for UK Buy-to-Let properties. This is also combined with detailed market research provided by SevenCapital who offer investment opportunities in markets with high-growth potential and solid demand.

International Financial Planning

Similarly, another challenge people face is long-term financial planning. Trends amongst the UAE and several Asian markets have shown that a relatively low number of people have thought about long-term financial security. More than a third of UAE residents (37%) surveyed by HSBC have not spoken about their financial future with anyone – not even financial experts.

In Hong Kong, a survey by Fidelity International discovered that typically, only 15% of the money earned is saved for investment, the rest is spent on the short-term.

Education is the most important factor when making any investment decision. Whether it’s building wealth for retirement, saving for your child’s university fees or increasing your overall financial security, I believe this event can provide you with detailed insights and information that will prepare expats are planning for Retirement.

If you’d like to join us at our event on July 31st please click here.

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