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Birmingham has long been established as the UK’s second city for enterprise, regeneration and growth. With the impending launch of HS2, recent redevelopment of New Street station and Grand Central, and a plethora of international businesses moving to the city, it’s no wonder Birmingham has been recognised as the sixth most popular city in Europe to invest in for the last two years running.

To find out more, download our guide to investing in Birmingham or see our Birmingham property developments.


Basingstoke Guide

As the third fastest growing town in the UK with a population of 172,000, Basingstoke is now one of the UK’s top cities for low unemployment (3.7%) with a workforce of more than 41,000 highly skilled employees. Two colleges with over 7,500 students, in addition to 11 secondary schools and 65 primary schools, a thriving retail and leisure sector with more than 230 shops and restaurants, and over one million people visiting Basingstoke Leisure Park every year sets Basingstoke apart from other towns on the commuter belt and lends itself to a thriving community.

To find out more, download our guide to investing in Basingstoke.


Slough Guide

Slough’s prime location on the £14.8 billion Crossrail route into London will encourage an influx of commuters looking for an affordable place to live, with easy, direct access to key areas of Central London. Employment rates are high. Slough is home to the highest concentration of global corporate headquarters outside London and a total of around 84,000 jobs in 4,600 businesses. See Why to Invest in Slough?

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Off Plan Investment Guide

Discover what off plan property is, why to buy off plan property, when to buy and sell off plan property and everything else you need to know to make a good investment.

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