UK Property Investment

Best Places to Invest in UK Property 2023

House prices are hitting new heights – breaking new records everyday and demonstrating the resilience of the UK market. At the same time, demand continues to rise with seemingly no end in sight, driven by changing priorities for homeowners, low interest rates and the stamp duty holiday introduced by the government.

As the UK property market continues to see highs and lows, there are a number of UK Buy-to-Let hotspots now vying for the spotlight in 2023. With regional cores surging ahead of traditionally popular markets, we ask the question: what are the top 10 best places to invest in UK property in 2023?

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Why Choose UK Property?

For your next investment

22.5% Price Growth

Expected by 2025

Low Supply

Driving demand

14.5% Rent Growth

Over the next four years

Key Stats for UK Property

What should investors be excited about?

7% Price Growth

Since the first lockdown ended

0.1% Interest Rate

A historic low for the market

4,000 Homes

Per year by 2030 to meet demand

Key Areas for Investment

Where should investors be excited about?


Leading UK City for Growth

South East

High Potential London Alternative


On the Road to Recovery

Why Invest in the UK?

UK property has long been recognised as a secure and reliable market for investors, delivering consistent returns over the last 50 years even despite external factors. The same can be said for the current market performance, which continues to rise following the national lockdown.  Looking for reasons to invest in UK property? Discover the best places to do so here.

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Expected Rental Yields in the UK in 2023

One of the most important metrics for investors is rental yields. A common objective ideal for maximising results in a long-term investment, understanding rental yields in the UK in 2023 is vital for making informed investment decisions going forward. Here we roundup what you can expect from the different regions across the UK.

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2024 Property Market Forecast

At a time when the UK is facing a number of difficult challenges, mostly brought on from the global pandemic, one sector that has stood out is the property market. After exploding out of the gates following the lifting of lockdown in August 2020, there’s been no stopping the rise of UK property prices. Now, with 2021 in full swing, we’re answering the question: what is the property market forecast for 2021? 

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