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The UK property investment market is completely different to what it was 10 years ago. The private rented sector is increasing in popularity and home-buying is taking a back seat. Flat prices have risen to an all-time high since 2013. Regional cities are experiencing a renaissance.  There’s no doubt that UK property is still a global property hot spot.

Birmingham has seen 43% increase in property prices since 2009.

Commuter Belt property prices have risen by 313% over the last 20 years.

Property growth in Western section of the Crossrail line saw 59% growth over last 10 years.

The North has the highest average yields of the UK with 5%.

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Is the UK still a global property hotspot?

The Story Beyond London…

So, should you invest in the UK property market?

At the height of pre-recession success, the UK property investment market was excelling. London was driving high house prices and even higher rental demand, pushing costs and allowing for a range of investment strategies. From short-term growth to long-term stability, anything seemed possible.

A lot has changed since then. The Midlands Engine and Northern Powerhouse have come into their own. Regional cities now have the lifestyle and business conditions to draw companies, tenants and investors away from a pricey London market. As serious inwards investment and infrastructure projects take shape, locations such as Birmingham and Manchester are becoming top destinations to invest.

London itself is seeing a decline. Although it retains its place as a worldwide hotspot, property prices are declining for the first time since 2009. Has London pushed the boundary of the market too far? Time will tell if this is just a blip or a more concerning long-term issue.

The UK property market is a completely different animal to what it was 10 years ago. It’s more geographically diverse. The private rented sector is increasing in popularity and homebuying is taking a back seat. Apartment prices have risen to an all time high since 2013. Regional cities are experiencing a renaissance.  There’s no doubt that the UK is still a global property hotspot, it just looks a lot different to how it did 10 years ago.

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Regional Renaissance

In the past, it’s been difficult to talk about the UK Property investment Market without heavily focusing on London. As the capital saw incredible growth, regional cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds took a back seat in the conversation, quietly building themselves up.

Yet as we enter the second-half of 2018, it’s more difficult to ignore the Midlands and the North. London is declining and regional cities are grasping their opportunities to overtake. Incredible amounts of investment are creating new employment opportunities and commercial hubs, drawing skilled talent and global companies

Affordability is a massive concern for many young professionals and families, as value for money is pushed to the limit in London. While the Commuter Belt is receiving a lot of attention, regional cities will soon be bolstered by the arrival of HS2. This new rail-line will improve travel times and capacity, providing unprecedented access to the capital.

This opens up the potential for Birmingham as a commuter town, before the line heads further north in the future. With a typical journey to London only taking around 40 minutes, HS2 could rapidly expand Birmingham’s population as London workers look to put down roots in and around the second city, creating a new wave of tenant demand backed by London salaries.

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