Birmingham Property Investments

Birmingham property investments continue to be top opportunities in one of the UK’s top property hot spots. As the city’s most active developer SevenCapital comprehensively understands this key market and provides opportunities to invest in luxury residential apartment developments within key areas in and around the UK’s second city.

Why Invest in Birmingham Buy-to-Let?

A Buy-to-Let property investment in Birmingham is one of the most popular assets and locations to currently invest in – a potentially lucrative asset supported by billions of pounds worth of investment into the wider city’s retail, commercial, residential and infrastructural space.

Set to be the top city in the UK for property price growth and rental price growth over the next five years, the ‘second city’ is leading the way with expected growth of 19.5% by 2025.

All of this has created an incredible level of market demand for Birmingham Buy-to-Let property, especially from a wave of young professionals entering the rental market. So, why should you invest in Birmingham?

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Is Birmingham Property Still a Good Place to Invest?

Currently in the midst of the largest redevelopment project the city has ever seen, investment properties in Birmingham are rapidly growing in popularity – delivering incredible rental returns and price growth for investors.

After an eventful year that saw many regional markets struggling to match the growth of Birmingham – plus the continued struggle of the capital – there’s definitely an argument for ranking Birmingham investment properties as the top property asset in the current UK market.

While Birmingham Buy-to-Lets have always been popular, we’re asking the question: is Birmingham still a good place to invest?

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Why Choose Birmingham?

For your next property investment

19.5% Price Growth

over the next four years – the leading city in the UK

Young City

60% of the population under-35, main demographic in the rental market

12% Rent Growth

by 2025 – the top UK city for rental price growth

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Key Stats for Birmingham

What should investors be excited about?

£24.8 Billion Economy
The strongest outside of London.

UK’s second city
Ranking higher than London as one of the most popular places in Europe to invest.

Proud hosts of the Commonwealth Games 2022
The largest sporting event in the UK since the 2012 London Olympics.

Birmingham Property Forecast 2021

Demand for Birmingham property continues to rise, as buyers seek investments that offer both affordability and high growth potential. With the effects of Coronavirus expected to last throughout the year, Birmingham is one of the few markets predicted to demonstrate its resilience.

Here is your Birmingham property market forecast for 2021.

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New Developments in Birmingham

Birmingham’s new development pipeline is growing, providing progressive and vibrant working, living and shopping spaces that will put the city at the forefront of the UK. One look at the skyline demonstrates just how much property development in Birmingham is evolving.

Discover the latest developments in Birmingham City Centre.

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Rental Yields in Birmingham

Discover the rental yields in Birmingham in 2021 and see how you can take advantage of a city that is forecasting the highest growth in the country with a brand new property investment.

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Birmingham's biggest projects

Now is the time to get excited

Home to key brands
such as HSBC, Deutche Bank & PWC providing over 11,500 jobs

will introduce £1.8 sq.ft of Grade A office space, retail and leisure space

Birmingham Smithfield is a £500m development adding £470m GVA to the local economy

Where to Invest in Birmingham?

Still undecided on where to buy a new apartment in Birmingham? One of the city’s biggest strengths is the flexibility it can provide – with multiple locations offering something different for an investor.

Buy-to-Let property in Birmingham city centre can offer something for everyone. From the Jewellery Quarter to Digbeth, new property investment opportunities in Birmingham are appearing every day, presenting investors with a choice.

Where is the best place to invest in Birmingham?

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