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S2E4: The Future of Property Technology

As COVID-19 has accelerated technological advancements across a number of sectors, how has the property industry changed? While property has always been considered a sector relatively slow to react, could that be about to change as new advancements ripple throughout the market? 

Join us for the next episode of the SevenQuestions podcast, where we explore the idea of technology in the real estate sector and why proptech isn’t just a buzzword, it could be the future of the industry.

Featuring Dan Salmons in partnership with Coadjute. Hosted by Tom Hodson. Executively produced by Chloe Graham-Wilde. Produced by Tom Hodson.

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About SevenQuestions: The Property Podcast

Welcome to Series 2 of SevenQuestions – a property podcast from SevenCapital. After the success of our first series, we’re jumping back into the world of property with some of the industry’s top experts. This time around, we’re looking forward, exploring the future of the sector and what new advancements could mean for investors.

Each week we’ll be taking a deep dive into the important topics, from smart cities to property technology, answering the common questions and seeing what the future might hold for investors, investment assets and the property industry as a whole.

Listen to our latest episode today or take a look at what you’ve missed so far and catch up. We’ll still be here.