Why Invest in Penthouse Apartments in Birmingham?


The epitome of luxury, investing in a penthouse apartment is ideal for those wanting the best of the best. Providing a level of prestige not found in other asset classes – especially in popular city-centres such as the second city – penthouses are typically considered prime investment properties in Birmingham.

As you’d imagine, the limited number of penthouses within a development ensures investors an exclusive asset going forward. The lifestyle associated with a penthouse can be incredibly useful in attracting different demographics of tenants, while the additional space and typically unique decor ensures a stunning first impression. 

Penthouse investment properties in Birmingham will also benefit from the city’s evolving skyline, brimming with the ambitious office buildings and beautiful amenities to reflect the quality of these residential developments. For those considering Birmingham Buy-to-Let properties, why not invest in the best?

Case Study

Just 43 units available in sought after Birmingham suburb voted one of the most desirable places to live in the UK by The Times.

CopperBox, Birmingham

Completed Q4 2018

Original Price


Today's independent value


Avg rental yields achieved


A beautiful development in one of the most sought-after postcodes in Birmingham, CopperBox is a development that truly represents high-end city living. Located at the heart of Harborne – just 15 minutes from the city centre – CopperBox is perfectly placed to meet demand from professionals in the city centre, as well as the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. With 56 apartments over three floors, CopperBox is a true city-centre haven able to provide gross rental yields of around 5%.

Tenant Demand for Birmingham Penthouses


The demands of tenants will inevitably change as the Birmingham landscape continues to evolve. While the average salary is nearing £40,000, as more professional businesses arrive in the second city and demand highly skilled workers, this will only increase. 

Those with higher wages will want the lifestyle to match, which will include premium penthouse apartments in Birmingham. With this property type offering balconies, numerous bedrooms and overall generous living quarters, this continued demand has the potential to make this Buy-to-Let property in Birmingham a lucrative asset.

House prices have long been rising across Birmingham, and will continue to do so with the city’s ongoing growth. While this will inevitably push the value of Birmingham Buy-to-Let properties, there will be less incentive for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder. 

However, by penthouses heading a development and an absence of upstairs neighbours, this property type gives tenants the feeling of being in their own home. As tenants continue to search for this luxury, penthouse investment properties in Birmingham will continue growing in the coming years. 

Rental Yields for Birmingham Penthouses


A premium apartment and a premium lifestyle means a premium price. Although penthouse apartments typically have higher purchase prices, there is also more potential for a bigger rental income and thus, higher rental yields. 

While bigger apartments sit between 3% and 4% rental yields, the added luxuries of penthouses make them prime investment properties in Birmingham. This higher rental income is also met by more potential for capital growth in the long-term, with penthouses typically selling for 5-10% more than alternative apartments

Making for a more secure Buy-to-Let property in Birmingham, the added luxuries of penthouse apartments make these assets less vulnerable to market volatility.