Why invest in a new 1-bed apartment in Bracknell & Reading?

High Demand

Depending on your investment strategy and goals, investing in a 1-bed apartment could be a prime opportunity to attract professional tenants and couples. As an affordable, in-demand alternative to 2-bed apartments, a high-quality 1-bed apartment in a Thames Valley location such as Bracknell can take advantage of affordability and accessibility with London to attract commuting tenants or those looking at alternative markets in the South East.

The majority of modern 1-bedroom apartments are contemporary, practical and manageable. Quickly growing in popularity with young professionals, 1-bedroom apartments can offer all of the same city amenities you’d expect without having to pay an inflated rent.




Rental Yields

1-bedroom apartments are particularly attractive for investors because of the excellent rental yields they can deliver, particularly if they’re located in over-performing, in-demand regional areas such as Bracknell. Zoopla data shows that 1-bedroom apartments are the second-highest performer in terms of average rental yields at 4.9%, leading against both 1 and 2-bedroom houses.

In terms of location, we see that key Thames Valley areas such as Bracknell can achieve 4.9% yields compared to Reading’s 3.9%. The average yield in Bracknell sit 10% higher than Reading with a 13% lower price point, demonstrating the returns it can offer over its neighbour.

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Capital Gains

So how do 1-bedroom apartments perform in terms of capital gains? As another stream of income from a property investment, capital gains is often a major objective for investors. 1-bedroom apartments can suit a strategy focused around building capital growth perfectly.

In a survey of UK professional landlords, Amicus Finance found that 25% of respondents would choose 1-bedroom apartments to deliver the best capital gains over the next 12 months. Whether the strategy is focused on a student or graduate demographic, 1-bedroom apartments are an attractive proposition and offer younger residents independence and affordability.

Similarly, prices in Bracknell are 13% lower than Reading and yet Bracknell has seen growth of 30% over the last five years, much higher than Reading’s capital gains during the same time.

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