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UK’s Enduring Global Appeal Elevates Birmingham’s Credentials

While Britain’s ultimate future in Europe still remains to be plotted, the UK and Birmingham’s Credentials were under scrutiny but continue to be the go-to destination across the continent for global investors looking for strong returns, according to new research.

In a recent paper, which canvassed business executives around the world, management consultancy Ernst & Young found the UK to be among the top three global M&A investment destinations, falling just behind global powerhouses the USA and China.

The news represents a considerable feather in Britain’s cap as the UK pursues a new future outside the European Union and looks to retain and indeed grow its worldwide appeal as a stellar location to invest and do business.


The UK’s and Birmingham’s credentials as a leading inward dealmaking destination are very much mirrored by the opportunities it affords global property investors looking to buy into brand Britain – nowhere more so than in the second city, which is increasingly stealing the limelight from the capital as the go-to location to buy bricks and mortar.

As a growing, confident and forward-looking international city, Birmingham property has long been on the radar of overseas investors looking for more compelling returns than those on offer from London. However, a catalogue of recent developments has in recent years seen interest in the city move to the next level, as it prepares to significantly grow its infrastructure, business community and overall appeal as a great place to live and work.

Birmingham’s quest to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games recently took a big step forward after it was chosen as the UK’s preferred bidder. Concurrently, major employers from UK plc, including global banking giant HSBC and the government’s tax department, HMRC, are in the process of relocating major operations to the city. What’s more, connectivity  across the city and the beyond will take a major leap  forward from 2026 with the arrival of the much-heralded HS2 high speed rail project, which will connect Birmingham with London in record time.

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Birmingham’s offer as an emerging global city seems to grow by the day. These are truly exciting times for the city and international investors are increasingly recognising this. With strong returns hard to come by in London’s ultra-competitive property market, we fully expect the spotlight to continue to shine on the second city as a hugely credible alternative investment opportunity for the long term.

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Andy Foote Director SevenCapital

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