How to Create Your Financial Future:
4 Stories, 1 Goal.

4 Stories, 1 Goal is a free series designed to get you thinking about your financial future. Focused around smart property investment for later life, with insights from property investors and industry experts, our series will help you realise your objectives even if you’ve never thought about investing before. Four stories, one goal – securing your financial future.

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Have you ever thought about your financial future? About the lifestyle you’ll lead post-retirement or what you’ll have to pass down to your family? Planning for the future is one of the most common catalysts for investors but you may be surprised to find a large majority of people haven’t given it a second thought.

This is why we’ve created 4 Stories, 1 Goal, a series dedicated to highlighting why now is the time to invest and secure your financial future, using the experiences of four people that are actively involved in investment.

For the vast majority of us, financial freedom is the goal. Being able to retire early and leave behind the early morning commutes, create a nest-egg to provide for your family or even just increasing the potential of your hard-earned savings are all primary aspirations. Unfortunately, for many of us, this vision is a far cry from the reality we face today.

Whether you’re relying on savings or working to build a pension pot, the questions you need to ask yourself are: Is it enough and will it arrive soon enough?

At SevenCapital we’re investors ourselves and we understand the market, working with a diverse range of people at different stages of their personal investment journey, investing for different reasons. This is the story of how four people are planning for their future – whether they’ve never thought about investing or have taken their first steps on the road to financial freedom. This is the goal.

To help us, we’ve enlisted four guests who are currently involved in investment first hand. By sharing their views and tips on smart property investment, we hope to help you realise your objectives, whatever they may be. From first-time and seasoned investors to industry experts, these are their experiences. Four stories, one goal. Securing your financial future.

Introducing Four Stories, One Goal

Watch the teaser for our new series and meet the guests that make up our four stories – from first-time investors to financial advisors, we’re looking at investment from different perspectives.

At the heart of 4 Stories, 1 Goal is the people. Each of our guests represents a different aspect of the investment journey; from novices to industry experts that work alongside investors to seasoned property investors themselves.

Throughout this piece, we asked our guests the four key questions that inform any investment. Questions that every investor will consider at some point in their journey.

We asked each guest to give us their story – from the first investment to present day and beyond. We asked them; why they started, obstacles they had to overcome and how they measure success. All investors are different and our guests are no exception – everyone considers an investment for different reasons and while goals can be similar, strategies that work for one won’t always work for the other.

By collecting all of their experience, knowledge, goals and challenges in one place, we hope to share a comprehensive overview of the ups and downs en route to financial freedom. During this series, you’ll hear successes, challenges, tips and support, all of which you can take to help you start your own journey on the right foot.

We’d like to thank all of our guests for being a part of 4 Stories, 1 Goal and taking the time to help us shine a light on the importance of talking about our financial futures.

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