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How Does the UK Silicon Valley Measure up to London?


UK Silicon Valley and London

Key Findings:

  • Bracknell and Reading represent two popular commuter destinations that are forecasting above-average growth
  • Large-scale regeneration is creating a quality lifestyle at the heart of both towns
  • The UK’s Silicon Valley is an emerging market for investment after building a thriving commercial sector
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Bracknell and Reading are recognised as the two key destinations within the wider UK Silicon Valley, an innovative technology hub home to global brands and both popular commuter destinations for those working in London.

With a lower cost of living and more affordable property, both Bracknell and Reading are often chosen as alternatives to the capital by renters. For workers looking to access higher salaried jobs in the capital but wishing to maintain an affordable lifestyle further afield, these two locations represent an ideal investment opportunity.

For the savvy investor, the demand that these locations are experiencing can be harnessed for lucrative gains. With large-scale regeneration plans taking shape and transforming the landscape, Bracknell and Reading are creating the amenities that modern tenants want.

From the average property price to the growth these towns and cities have experienced over the last five years, what follows is a brief insight into the key metrics that separate Reading, Bracknell and London.

Reading/Bracknell/London Price Comparison

What we can see is that Bracknell is leading the way for past growth over the last five years, driven by incredible regeneration and a rising level of demand for the top employment opportunities that are available. While salaries in Bracknell are (as expected) lower than those in London, the much more affordable market is appealing to renters that want to escape expensive property prices.

For investors, the high amount of residents in active employment is an excellent signpost of demand and property prices in Bracknell are still much more affordable than the other two locations – meaning a much lower initial investment for those that want to enter the market. As an investment destination, the UK’s Silicon Valley represents an incredible opportunity to invest in locations that are attracting London renters and building the fundamentals for exceptional growth.

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