London Commuter Belt Property Investment

Are you looking for an investment in London’s Commuter Belt? As one of the most exciting regions in the UK for investment, discover why you should invest and the key commuter town hotspots that savvy landlords are snapping up property in. If you’re ready to invest, contact us today.

Should you invest in the London Commuter Belt?

London saw more than 90,000 people leaving in 2019 – double the number moving out of the capital in 2011. As renters and homebuyers alike leave London for more affordable climates, it’s no surprise many are choosing key commuter towns in the South East.

With lower property prices, a lower cost of living and the option of still travelling into the capital for work, it’s a no-brainer for those that want a less expensive market but still enjoy what London has to offer.

As the ‘London Exodus’ continues, we examine what’s causing the rise of commuter belt property in 2020.

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7 Best Places to Invest in Buy-to-Let Property Near London 2020

Looking to invest in one of the biggest growth hotspots in the country? The London Commuter Belt is providing affordable initial costs, growth and accessibility with the capital – all huge drivers for tenant demand.

From emerging towns experiencing incredible regeneration to ‘classic’ investment catchment areas that continue to grow, these are the locations that savvy investors are identifying for the future.

If you want to know the top places to invest in Buy-to-Let property near London, we’ve got you covered.

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Why Choose 
London Commuter Belt?

For your next property investment

Growth across the Commuter Belt since 2000

1 in every 16
London residents looking for an alternative to the capital

Price growth expected for the South East by 2024

Commuter-Belt Property Investments

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The Metalworks


1 Bedroom Apartments, 2 Bedroom Apartments

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Ready to occupy

No.1 Thames Valley


1 Bedroom Apartments, Studio

Prices From


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Final Units Remaining

The Grand Exchange


1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, 1 Bedroom Apartments, 2 Bedroom Apartments

Prices From


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Ready to occupy

Churchill Place



Prices From


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So why are people heading to the Commuter Belt?

Firstly, and probably most importantly, it’s affordable. With much cheaper property prices, lower cost of living and excellent accessibility, London Commuter Belt property is a great fit for those who want a less expensive lifestyle but don’t want to give up London completely.

It’s also experiencing something of a renaissance. Commuter towns such as Bracknell and Slough are taking advantage of inwards investment to create an enjoyable lifestyle, one which people would be happy to live and invest in.

While London’s growth is still relatively subdued, the wider South East is expecting growth of nearly 15% thanks to commercial, retail and lifestyle-focused redevelopments – outpacing the national average.

Featured Commuter Town: Bracknell

Bracknell is a London commuter town currently in the limelight for outstanding growth in both capital and rental value.

Currently undergoing a £1 billion regeneration plan, Bracknell has transformed its landscape and pushed unprecedented growth in recent years, where property price growth continues to outperform its competitors including the capital.

With the largest tech cluster outside of London – providing £10 billion for the economy – and a population set to grow by 14% by 2039, the future looks bright for this emerging commuter town for tenants and investors alike.

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