Slough Property Investment

SevenCapital recognises growth and the opportunities Slough has to offer for investors and landlords. Our developments in Slough are strategically placed for the best return on investment. Discover whether Slough is the right place for your next property investment.

Why Invest in Slough Property?

A reputation as an established commuter destination means that Slough is a prime investment market at the heart of one of the UK’s leading regions for growth. Slough property investment is an opportunity to take advantage of fast rising demand and clear potential.

The most productive town in the UK, Slough is home to global brands and an impressive commercial sector that is driving new levels of demand from young professionals – especially those looking to leave London for more affordable, spacious markets.

With £3 billion of regeneration transforming local amenities and infrastructure, Slough is well connected, providing access to London and Heathrow in under 20 minutes. These new developments are heavily contributing to incredible growth forecasts for property prices – around 17.5% over the next four years while rental prices will rise by 8% during the same period.

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Why Choose Slough?

For your next property investment

17.5% Price Growth

by 2025 – one of the highest price rises in the UK market

£3 Billion

regeneration plan supporting huge tenant demand

8% Rental Growth

in the next four years – some of the highest rises in the UK

Key Stats for Slough?

What should investors be excited about? 

Top Destination

for London leavers seeking affordability

Most Productive

commercial hub in the UK with 5,400 businesses

5.1% Rent Growth

over the last year across the region

Slough Forecast 2022

Demand is one of Slough’s biggest areas for potential growth, as buyers and renters alike flock to the town in search of affordable and spacious alternatives to the capital. As property in the South East continues to grow in price, we’re examining how Slough is set to benefit.

Here is your Slough property market forecast for 2022.

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Slough Rental Yields

A vital metric and a common objective for most investors, rental yields are the lifeblood of any long-term investment. As a key emerging location in one of the highest performing regions in the country, we’re looking at the rental yields in Slough for 2022 and how they may change over the coming year. As new regeneration continues to progress, see how yields are changing and impacting Slough property investment.

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Slough vs London

London has always been a traditionally popular market but there’s no doubt that times have changed since 2016. With rising prices forcing many buyers and renters out, we’re examining the different costs between the capital and Slough – the top alternative in Berkshire for London leavers.

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Key Projects in Slough

What should investors be excited about? 


Unprecedented access with London and Heathrow

The Metalworks

A brand new development unique to the local market

New Eton House

Fully-furnished, tenanted investment opportunity