Slough Property Investment

SevenCapital recognises investment growth and the opportunities London has to offer. Our development in Slough is strategically placed for the best return on investment. Situated just 100 metres from Crossrail, Steel House at The Metalworks will make an attractive proposition for commuters and local residents alike.

£14.8 billion Crossrail route, Slough is an attractive proposition for investors interested in off-plan property as well as tenants and commuters.

£7.5billion turnover and is home to the highest concentration of global corporate headquarters outside London

Slough is located under 10 miles from Heathrow Airport, providing incredibly quick access for regular international travellers.

Property within a mile of a Crossrail station has seen price increases of nearly 66%

Why Invest In Slough Property? 7 Stats You Need to Know.

Triple AAA Location – Crossrail Development

Located in a prime spot along the new £14.8 billion Crossrail route, Slough is an attractive proposition for investors interested in off-plan property as well as tenants and commuters.

Crossrail is a new high frequency, high capacity railway that will create a ‘door to door’ connection to key locations across the heart of London, including Heathrow, the West End, the City and Canary Wharf. Speeding up journey times in and out of the Capital, Crossrail will result in an extra 1.5 million people being within 45 minutes of central London, including Slough. Crossrail will have a transformational impact on this already desirable location. The full service will be running by 2019.

Tenant Demand

With nearly 16,000 professional jobs within the area and over 48,000 workers commuting from Slough to places such as Heathrow and London, the town is set to experience unprecedented tenant-demand. Offering an ideal location to live in an affordable rental bracket for the majority of tenants, compared to London prices, Slough is forecasting as a great buy-to-let property opportunity.

Investment Hotspot 

Slough is currently experiencing the benefits of investment thanks to the £450m ‘Heart of Slough’ regeneration programme – a vision for Slough that includes improved leisure facilities and increased commercial space. On track to create 5,000 jobs and due to complete between 2021 and 2022, the programme is just one example of inwards investment helping create demand, ideal for key investors that are looking to buy off the plan property.

Well underway already, a £22 million learning and cultural centre, the Curve, opened in September 2016 providing a library, arts and performance space, café, museum and dedicated learning space.

Thanks to the vision of the programme, the town is emerging as the perfect place to live, work and play. So much so that Slough was recently named ‘best place to live and work 2017’ by Glassdoor, proving its worth as a town on the rise.

Town of opportunity

Slough has a long-standing reputation for excellent employment opportunities. This thriving town has a £7.5billion turnover and is home to the highest concentration of global corporate headquarters outside London, including O2 Telefonica, Amazon and Mars.

Currently home to 87,000 jobs in approximately 4,600 businesses, Slough is listed as 3rd most promising region in Europe for infrastructure in FDi Intelligence’s ‘European Cities & Regions of the Future’ report.  It’s also a booming business community in the heart of the M4 ‘tech corridor’ making it perfect for those looking to work close to home and London commuters alike.

Slough was named the best place to live and work in 2017* (*Source, Glassdoor)

Heathrow Access

Slough is located under 10 miles of Heathrow Airport providing incredibly quick access for regular international travelers. Slough is also benefiting from the Western Rail development scheduled for completion 2021 which will offer quicker access from Slough to Heathrow. Currently rail travel time is just a 23 minute ride to T3 and a short drive of less than 15 minutes.

Forecast Growth

Slough property forecasts are showing huge property price growth, reaching as high as 35% by 2020. With average property prices sitting at £393,439 and set to hit £570,486 if predicted growth is realised, now is a great time to consider buying off-plan property in Slough.

Slough to London Travel Time

  • Train: Canary Wharf – 46 minutes
  • Train: Liverpool St – 39 minutes
  • Train: Bond Street – 32 minutes

Why are investors flocking to Slough?

Crossrail only tells us part of the story

As of 2018, nearly 6.2% of 2,000 surveyed Londoners said they were looking to move away. Applying this average to the whole population, that’s over 520,000 or 1 in every 16 that are looking for an alternative. This isn’t just older demographics either. A second survey focused on teenagers and students found that out of 1,300, a narrow majority would not want to live or work in London. As the growth in the capital continues to accelerate, the surrounding locations with easy transportation links are reaping the benefits with projected price growth of 35%.

Regeneration is an important aspect of Slough’s rise. The ‘Heart of Slough’ redevelopment scheme has helped establish the town as an extension of London’s residential market, enhanced by the completion of Crossrail in 2019.

This level of regeneration is also being driven by Crossrail services arriving in Slough. As a huge infrastructure improvement, Crossrail will reduce travel times between central London and Slough as well as Heathrow and Slough.

Although Crossrail is important for accessibility and commercial opportunities, it’s also directly related to the forecast growth that Slough can expect economically and in terms of property prices. Experts have predicted that with the arrival of Crossrail, Slough will become a commuter belt hotspot and could see property prices grow by nearly 35%. We can see evidence of this already, as any property within a mile of a Crossrail station has seen price increases of nearly 66% since 2009.

Eton College Slough

So why are people heading to Slough in increasing numbers?

Firstly, and probably most importantly, it’s affordable. With much cheaper property prices, lower cost of living and excellent accessibility, Slough is a great fit for those who want a less expensive lifestyle but don’t want to give up London completely.

Home to one of the largest trading estates in single ownership, Slough houses a business district featuring more than 4,600 businesses including O2, Unilever and Ferrari. This provides an amazing foundation for employment opportunities, helping develop a talented and motivated workforce. It’s also close to Heathrow Airport. Combined with the high-standard of commercial opportunities, Slough’s status as a residential catchment area is elevated.

Slough is a perfect representation of how Commuter Towns are on the ascendancy. By utilising inward investment and building a better lifestyle, it’s attracting talented workers from further afield while improving the lifestyle of domestic workers. Slough is building the perfect place to live, work and play all within arms reach of the capital.

Start quoteLiam has kept in touch since we invested offering help and support along the way, we are hoping to arrange a meeting in the near future to discuss other opportunities. I have and will continue to highly recommend SevenCapital to anyone who is considering a property investment. End quote

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