2019 Commuter Belt Guide

Discover everything you need to know about the London Commuter Belt as a prime investment destination in 2019

At a time when London prices are stagnating and Brexit uncertainty is clouding the market, the London Commuter Belt is flourishing. As renters leave London for more affordable climates, prices within the inner core of the ‘traditional belt’ are rising to unprecedented levels and even driving the expansion of a second, ‘contemporary’ outer belt.

The 2019 Commuter Belt Guide is your free guide to exactly where you should be investing and why – with market research, insights and key statistics that are impacting the entire region. It’s apparent in 2019 that workers across the South and within the capital are willing to commute further because of financial realities. For the savvy investor, this generational shift in thinking means a huge opportunity.

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Whats in this Guide?

Stay Ahead of the Market: London Commuter Town Investment

In this guide you will find:

  • A look at how the Commuter Belt lifestyle is being created
  • Insights into Slough and Basingstoke – two commuter towns on the rise
  • An overview of how Crossrail will revolutionise the region
  • Residential/Commercial Trends across the Commuter Belt
  • A comparison of London and key locations on the Commuter Belt
  • Consultant Contacts

As professionals and families look to leave the London property market, the spotlight has fallen on the Commuter Belt. With significantly living lower costs, excellent accessibility, an abundance of employment opportunities and unprecedented levels of inwards investment, commuter towns across the region are building the ideal places to live, work and play, all within arms reach of the capital. 


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