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Learn how to effectively scale your investment to create an exceptional property portfolio.

Looking to scale your property investment?

We’re here to help you get started. Meet Andy. 

As a seasoned investor, Andy has a wealth of experience in building a high-performing property portfolio and how to effectively scale over the long-term.

We speak to him about what kickstarted his investment portfolio and how he’s developed his long-term investment strategy.

Join Andy as he explains what he loves about investment and how he got to where he is today, with unique insights you can apply within your own investments.


The Power of Incorporation

Investing through a Limited Company

The practice of buying property through a limited company structure is on the rise – nearly 38% of landlords in the UK considered it last year alone.

Widely chosen for their flexibility and potential tax benefits, limited company structures can be an efficient way to scale multiple properties within a portfolio.

Similarly, for overseas buyers, it can be an effective way of buying in the UK, helping shorten the process and providing more affordability when combined with favourable foreign exchange.

Want to know more about the process of incorporation? We’ve got the lowdown here.

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Best Rental Yields in the UK

Discover the new hotspots

Looking for your next best investment location? We’ve done the hard work for you.

Rental yields is one of the best ways of examining the performance of an area, taking into account both property prices and rental returns.

With rental demand at an all-time high and supply in the uk rapidly falling, we’re particularly seeing rising rental yields in regional areas across the Midlands and the North.

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Investments to build your portfolio

Crossrails Premier Development

The Metalworks
2 Bedroom Apartments, 3 Bedroom Apartments, Off-Plan

Prices From


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Brand new to Bracknell

No.1 Thames Valley
1 Bedroom Apartments, Fully Tenanted, New Build

Prices From


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Churchill Place Ready-Made Investment
Fully Tenanted, Ready to rent

Prices From


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Game-Changing Development

The Grand Exchange
1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, Luxury Penthouses, Off-Plan, Studios

Prices From


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Frequently Asked Questions from Portfolio Investors

Will Brexit Affect UK Property Investment? 

Since the Brexit vote, uncertainty has been a major part of the UK property market. While it’s true it had the potential to stall the market, UK property largely remained resilient and growth continued up until lockdown shut down transactions.

Investors should also consider that despite Brexit, demand for UK property has continued to rise and supply still hasn’t matched it, highlighting the potential still available.


Where are the best UK property markets?

For the most part, the best property locations are dependent on what you want to achieve. If you’re looking for a long-term investment that offers affordability and future growth, you’ll want to consider an area with plenty of upcoming regeneration such as Digbeth in Birmingham. You can find a full range of our market forecasts here that may meet your investment goals and strategies.


Should I invest through a limited company?

For portfolio investors, investing through a limited company is always an option due to the flexibility it can provide. While it provides obvious benefits with tax savings, a limited company structure also makes it much easier to withdraw your money, sell properties or even pass them on to a loved one through inheritance.

While it’s not ideal for everyone, it’s an option that every investor should consider.


How do I build a property portfolio?

The most important thing to remember is everyone starts somewhere. Invest in a single good property and then scale based on your results. There are various strategies for building a portfolio (such as the Five Year Plan) but generally, you want to maintain a positive cashflow and re-invest wherever possible.

Always work with trusted partners to ensure that you have the means and the planning in place before you consider scaling your investments.


Can I build a UK property portfolio from overseas?

There’s a myth that buying UK property as an international is difficult but the truth is, it depends on your due diligence and partners. Creating a UK portfolio from overseas is perfectly viable, provided you have all of the necessary paperwork, research prepped and network in place to support you.

With more mortgage products available, a deeper range of affordable properties and favourable foreign exchange conditions, there’s never been a better time to consider building a UK property portfolio.

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